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Bronze: Age Group A

The move from Blue to Bronze coincides with the progression of children winning ribbons at meets to winning medals at the higher levels of competition. Bronze is most commonly used for the third place medal in swim meets and Bronze Group is our third-highest level at Race Pace Club AZ and our top Age Group training group.

Age: 9+

Group Dynamic: The Bronze Group functions as our top age group training group with a focus on regularly attending meets to gain qualifying times for competing at Junior Olympics, Age Group State, and above.

This group builds speed and endurance with ongoing stroke work and focuses on honing racing skills. We also emphasize accountability, proper practice habits, sportsmanship, and dryland training. Participants compete regularly in swim meets, including relay participation and train to swim the 200 events in all four strokes and IM.

Entrance Requirements: ● Attend at least 4 practices a week ● Must have achieved Arizona Age Group State Championship time standards (A times) in a minimum of one event.

Training Frequency: 1.5 hours, 6x per week

Yards: 3,500 - 5,000

Equipment: RPC swim cap, pair of goggles, swim fins, kickboard, pull buoy, hand paddles, and a water bottle

Move up requirements from Bronze to Silver 

● Attend a minimum of 5 practices a week with regularity. Committed to attending a minimum of 6 practices a week, setting specific goals, and working to achieve those goals through training and life choices.

● Must achieve 4 Arizona State Olympic/Regional Championship time standards (B times) in 4 different events in their age group 

● Ability to do 5 dolphin kicks off every wall on Butterfly, Backstroke and Freestyle consistently in practice with streamline off every wall 

● Must be able to breathe every 3 to 5 strokes consistently in practice, up to 800 yards at a time

● Ability to handle intervals in kick and swim sets as determined by the current practice times in Silver Group with minimal adaptation 

●  Entrance to this group is ultimately determined by the Pre-Elite Coach's judgment of the swimmer's readiness to perform the yardage and time intervals required by this group as well as the swimmer's ability to take instruction, make corrections, self-monitor time intervals, rep times, and maintain training focus as these are absolutely crucial skills needed to perform at the level of this group. 

Cost: $130/mo

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