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    Fundamentals Levels 1-3 and 4-10

    • Age: 5 YEARS AND UP
    • Classes: Taught in small groups 3-6 swimmers.
    • Description: Levels 1-3 form the fundamental building blocks of learning to swim well. We teach with simple steps and patience the basic skills needed for water safety and beginning swimming. Expect lots of repeats as your child moves through introduction - practice and finally mastery. We are methodic, you can expect plenty of repetition to be used to train your child into a swimmer for life!
    • Desired Outcomes Include: Comfortable submersion, front floats, back floats, streamline glides front and back, rolling over to float, all 4 forms of kicking for 15 feet, swim-roll-swim sequences too!
    • Duration: 30 Minutes
    • Timetable: Minimum of 1 x week or more classes by choice. Offered at various times daily.
    • Note: Levels 1-3 are the just the building blocks for learning to swim well.
    • Mastery of levels 4 -10 will ensure your child is a strong swimmer for life


    Location: Sedona Community Pool 

    Level 1-3 School Age 5+ - Thursdays 3:30-4 PM 1x week 

    Level 4-10 School Age - Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4 PM

    Location: Your Pool (Private,Resort/Hotel/Community Pool)

    All Levels - By Appointment

    *Note: If you have more than one child, they must be of similar ages and ability to have the lesson at the same time as their sibling; otherwise, we'll schedule time to do each lesson separately for best results.

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    • Have you always wanted to learn to swim? Need to improve your technique?
    • If you have been wondering where to go for lessons? Come to SwimAmerica!
    • If you're embarrassed or scared, you’re not alone! One-third of the adults in the United States cannot swim a length of a pool. Let us help you to understand how swimming works. We can help you learn breath control, floating, treading water, and all the strokes.
    • Are you an advanced swimmer or training for a triathlon and just need some tips? Wow! You have found the very best place to go to improve your skills and training.
    • Let us help you get comfortable in the water - learn how to take strokes
    • Train for a job performance swim test - or a triathlon!

    Private or semi-private lessons at your pool location by appointment.

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