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    Developing Swimming Awareness: A pre-swim team practice

    Level: Intermediate

    Time/Location: 5:30 to 5 p.m., Tue & Thu Aug 9 - Oct 27 (*except 4 Thursdays when there is a Sedona High Swim Meet at the Pool. They may join in optional team dry-land activities with signed parental waiver.)

    Ages: 6 to 10+

    Requirements: Able to swim/kick (forward movement) with face in the water, recovering air

    Goals: Build technique and teamwork

    Now that kids know the basics of putting their face in the water and propelling themselves with arms and legs, it’s time to gain greater awareness of their bodies in the water. We will work on both swim skills and, in the process, life skills:

    • Swimming technique: Making our movements more effective in the water to minimize resistance and increase propulsion
    • Swimming fitness: Build coordination, muscle strength, and increase endurance. This is evidenced by the individual improvement of each swimmer in distance ability and speed.
    • Teamwork & Cooperation: Bringing our best efforts to the pool helps others do their best as well. Helping each other hear instructions, demonstrating, and offering feedback.
    • Work ethic: When we work we work, when we play we play. We’ll integrate time to play but also teach kids the merit of focused work in challenging sets.
    • Overcoming challenges together - encouraging teammates & acknowledging good efforts of one another.
    • Math & physics: Intervals, times, keeping track of repetitions, water dynamics.
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    Learn to Swim/Swimming Fundamentals

    • On YOUR schedule (as much as possible) at your home pool
    • Private lessons ages 6 months - 100 years. 
    • Classes: Taught individually or in small groups of swimmers of similar age and ability.
    • Description:  We teach with simple steps and patience the basic skills needed for water safety and beginning swimming. Expect lots of repeats as your child moves through introduction - practice and finally mastery. We are methodic, you can expect plenty of repetition to be used to train your child into a swimmer for life!
    • Duration: 30 Minutes, 1x weekly
    • 1 x week 
    • Note: Levels 1-3 are the just the building blocks for learning to swim well.

    CURRENT AVAILABILITY (Aug 1-Oct 31, 2022)

    Location: Your Heated Pool (Private, Club, Resort/Hotel/HOA Community Pool)

    All Levels - By Appointment

    *Note: If you have more than one child, they must be of similar ages and ability to have the lesson at the same time as their sibling; otherwise, we'll schedule time to do each lesson separately for best results.

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    "What should my child bring to swim lessons?"  

    Quality, well-fitting gear prevents the distraction and time-consuming process of children constantly fiddling with ill-fitting suits and goggles. I'm often asked for my recommendations, so here they are in an easy-to-browse store. [A small affiliate commission goes to help provide swim lessons year round.]

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