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Meet Volunteer Positions


- No previous experience necessary, just have a comfort talking on a microphone, must be high school age or older for most meets; the announcer works with the Meet Referee and Meet Director and is responsible for announcing each race, the swimmers in the water, and results; 1 required for each session

Head Timer

- No previous experience necessary, must be high school age or older for most meets; the head timer starts two stop watches at the start of each race to serve as backup watches in case there is a problem or malfunction in a lane during the race. They also communicate with officials regarding any replacement timer needs or problems; 1 required for each session


- No previous experience necessary, must be an adult; hospitality servers help coordinate the food set up, preparation, and serving in the hospitality area. Hospitality runners assist in bringing snacks, beverages, and food to coaches and officials. 1-2 required for each session

Meet Marshal

- Meet Marshals must be registered as USA Swimming non-athlete. Just take a short class and an easy online test and submit information to Arizona Swimming for ID, along with a small fee. Because of this fee, you'll be credited with service hours when you email confirmation to Brook that you have completed the online training & paid the fee. Click here for link: http://www.azswimming.org/meet-marshals/ 

Requirements: Must be an adult; Meet Marshals are required by USA Swimming to run a meet. They assist the officiating staff by observing the deck and surrounding areas to ensure that all safety rules are being enforced. The online training and tests are quick; Minimum of 2 — one male and one female — required per session.

Officials & Officials Trainee

- No previous experience necessary to shadow/ train! Must complete a series of shadowing sessions, a class, and test. (Brook can give you more info!), Must be an adult, Each swim meet needs 5-10 officials per course. We are always in need of more people to become officials.
(When you complete trainings & online tests send your confirmations and hours to [email protected] to be credited service points)

Results Runner/Poster

- No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meet; the results runner collects the timing sheets from the lanes after the races and delivers them to the administrative referee. They may also post results throughout the facility or deliver them to the clerk of course; 1-2 required for each session


- No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meets; timers operate either a button or a stopwatch during each race and record the stopwatch time on a timing sheet. Training is given prior to the start of the first race of the day, and timers enjoy the best seats in the house! Minimum of 12 required each session

Clerk of Course

- Assisting with the administration of the meet, including but not limited to: athlete and coach check-ins, distributing coach information, and other paperwork. Training can be given during a meet. Must be an adult.


- Work our team concession stand, also can assist her by doing shopping, food prep, etc. This position is managed by our Hospitality coordinator


Put labels on ribbons and sort into team affiliation. This position takes place at the end of the Saturday session as well as at Monday practice (for the Sunday events).


Arrive 1 hour before warmups to help with set-up.


Stay 1 hour after meet to help with cleanup and take-down.

* Please sign up for these roles in addition to your primary meet job. 

To sign up to participate in an upcoming meet or club event, first log into your account. Click "Meets and Events" at the top of the page and “Meet Signups”. Find the meet or event you would like to sign up for. Click "Job Signup" and “Sign up for Jobs” to see the jobs needed. Then, simply choose your preferred job shift and click the yellow “Save Assignments” button at the bottom of the page.

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