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The Right Swim Equipment for New Swimmers

Having the right basic swim equipment is essential to a good swim experience. Check out our tips for selecting the right gear. 


Leaky, foggy goggles are the number one distraction that impede a swimmer's learning and participation during their time in the water. The best goggles for novice swimmers are juvenile or youth size, have ample padding and straps that are easily adjusted. 

  • TIP: Fit goggles at home & check for water tightness in the bathtub or sink. 
  • TIP: Teach chldren not to wipe out their goggles with their fingers as skin oils remove the anti-fog properties and leave residue that promotes fogging.

Swim fins

Make sure you're buying swim fins, not scuba flippers. Swim fins help your swimmer develop strong legs while guiding swimmers to kick correctly. My favorite type is the Aquasphere fins that are made of light foam. The tight-fitting design is comfortable, doesn't slide off, and the floating qualities help swimmers learn to swim streamlined along the top of the water.

  • TIP: Shorter swim fins place less stress on the ankles and knees than long "flippers."
  • TIP: Swim fins with a strap that goes behind the foot tend to stay on better and offer a little more room for growth than "shoe-type" flippers. They're usually more comfortable.
  • TIP: If swim fins rub, send a small tub of Vaseline for them to lube the areas of friction or buy swim fin socks (thin socks also work).


Kickboards with hand holes and specified grips are best to teach new swimmers correct hand placement on the board. This positions their body correctly to learn balance in the water and a more effective kick. 

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Pre-Competition and Swim School Groups

Check out essential gear for swimmers ranging from beginners to beginning swim team.

During summer at your city’s learn-to-swim programs, your child needs only a bathing suit and towel for their swim lessons. Municipalities have a ready stock of all items potentially needed in lessons.

However, if your child is continuing to swim in the off-season with private lessons or swim team activities, you might get them a few additional items. Read on to see what you should bring.

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