These three made the finals at the 2019 Candy Cane Classic in Phoenix! Congratulations - we are so proud of you!

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    About Sedona Race Pace Club

    Sedona Race Pace Club (SRPC) is a year-round swim team in Sedona, Arizona serving youth ages 5 to 18, collegiate swimmers, masters swimmers, and pre-team novices.

    We are proud affiliates of USA Swimming. Our expert USRPT coaches, Sean Emery and Lauren Robinson, provide personalized training to help each swimmer perfect their stroke and reach his or her full potential both in and out of the pool. Swimmers get to experience improvements through game-like sets, individualized feedback, dryland training, and participation in meets ranging from novice to international.

    Experience an Athletic Awakening with USRPT Training:

    While the average swim team practices physiology as the No. 1 blanket principle, our approach works better and faster because we prioritize the principles of specificity, individuality, and recovery in the optimal order of USRPT training which is 1.) Technique, 2.) Psychology, and 3.) Physiology. 

    Practices in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek to accommodate swimmers from across the Verde Valley: Sedona, VOC, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Rim Rock, Camp Verde...

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