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Camp Verde Health and Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines

It is important that all swimmers, family, staff, volunteers and others participating in Race Pace Club- AZ activities follow Heath & Safety Protocols to protect swimmers and staff. Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave the property and may not be allowed to return.

Race Pace Club Health and Safety Guidelines

Please be assured that we will be following best practices required by both USA Swim and the Camp Verde Heritage Pool to ensure the continued safety of our swimmers, coaches and families. The following guidelines were developed in conjunction with the Camp Verde Heritage Pool, USA Swimming and fellow Arizona swim clubs. We request everyone’s support and adherence to the following to ensure a positive season for all.

Masks are not required on deck or parent viewing areas as long as physical distance can be maintained. Masks ARE required at all times in the locker room or restroom area.

Before Practice:

  • Parents, please monitor your swimmers for any signs of illness. If a swimmer or family member is ill, the swimmer should remain at home until cleared by their doctor to return to the pool in order to prevent transmission of germs to coaches and teammates. (please see COVID-19 waiver). A swimmer with any symptoms will be sent home.
  • If a swimmer is in quarantine from school or work due to a COVID exposure, the swimmer should not attend practice until the quarantine period is complete
  • Swimmers should arrive dressed in swimsuits ready to practice as much as possible. Swimmers should use the restroom at home before leaving for practice as we want to minimize our use of the public restroom.


  • Younger siblings and any children spectators must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. Young children may remain in the snack bar area with adult supervision but may not be on the concrete pool deck during practice. Children may not roam the pool area or be unsupervised in keeping with USA Swimming guidelines.
  • All swimmers, coaches, and spectators must wear a properly fitting mask at all times in the locker room.
  • All swimmers, spectators, and coaches must wear a properly fitting mask while on deck when physical distance cannot be maintained such as at meets, time trials, or other special events.
  • Spectators may sit in the picnic area or on the benches by the pool office during practice but must maintain a distance of 6+ feet from non-household patrons and wear a mask when entering the locker room.
  • Swimmers are expected to maintain physical distance within lanes to the extent possible.
  • No touching other swimmers, splashing, spitting or horseplay will be allowed. Any swimmer who fails to meet this expectation will be asked to leave. Parents of young swimmers are asked to remain close by and accessible via phone or text should a swimmer need to be picked up.


  • Younger swimmers should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the locker room or restroom. Our team is responsible for any messes made in the locker room. Swimmers and spectators are reminded to be sure all trash is picked up and deposited in the trash can.
  • Parents & guardians are asked to be punctual for pick-ups. We cannot remain at the pool beyond the end of our scheduled practice time.


  • Bring your own full water bottle, cap, goggles, fins, kickboard and a towel. We cannot allow sharing of these items. All swimmers are responsible for picking up all of their equipment and taking it with them after each practice.

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